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How much will it cost?

Our five page website and email is just £185. This covers everything you need to get up and running. If you need any particular functions, such an online shop or help climbing Google rankings, you can select from our add ons.

What about on going costs?

For your convenience, your ongoing costs are all rolled into one easy payment. £76, paid annualy, covers everything your website needs to continue running including domain name renewal, hosting and email service.

I already have a website, but would like to update. Can you help?

Yes, thats no problem! We can transfer your domain over to us and assign it to your new website. To minimise downtime, this is done when your new website is ready to go, so the transition is as seamless as possible.

I have already registered a domain name. Is that okay?

As long as you have the account details for where the domain is registered, it's no problem to transfer it over to us. Even if you're not sure of the details, we can help find them. The transfer cost is covered within the Five page website deal, so costs nothing extra to you!

Do you provide content?

We can certainly lend a hand! With a marketing background, we're happy to help read over provided content, or expand on bullet points or notes. As you're the expert in your business though, we can not provide content from scratch.

How long will it take?

Your free homepage draft will be with you in around ten days. If you're happy to go ahead, once you've paid your deposit, its about 6-8 weeks before your new site is ready to go live. The timescale is equally controlled by yourself however - the faster you can provide content and feedback, the faster we can get your site ready to roll.

How do I appear on Google?

Appearing on Google is an automatic process. "Crawling" is a process performed by google bots (and other search engines) where they search for new sites and content. Typically, sites are found after 3-4 weeks, and then as they are crawled several times over the bots create a summary about what the page is about, and feed this information into the algorithm that decides a websites ranking. This is how sites appear in slightly different orders for different phrases.

Improving the rankings for certain terms is a separate service called Search Engine Optimisation, you can read more about it the "Build your Package" page.

I've got a Facebook page. Do I really need a website?

There's no getting away from it, Facebook is a brilliant tool for interacting with your customers. However, these are people that already know about you. With a very limited ability to appear on search engines, and difficulty in ensuring the important content is always easy to find, a Facebook page will struggle to generate new business for you. Not to mention, you're excluding people who don't have an account, or aren't active on Facebook.

Your website will help drum up new business and form a central point of information that is accessible to all. Your Facebook then compliments this, keeping customers engaged, boosting loyalty and generating repeat custom. Websites and Facebook work brilliantly hand in hand, but one should not try and replace the other.

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