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This is your website after all - why should we tell you what to do with it?  You build your own package with us, selecting which add-ons you would like or require.  Of course, we're always happy to offer advice at any point if you're not 100% sure.  Likewise, if none of them take your fancy, there's no need to take one.

Five Page Website Base Package

Only £185.

Aside from the hokey-cokey, our five page website deal is what it's all about. This forms the foundation of the wonderfully designed website that's going to make you a multi-millionaire (we hope). The five page site includes, you guessed it, five pages digitally hand crafted (that is a thing) to your exact needs - none of this template nonsense. It also includes:

  • Domain name registration (or transfer), and assignment.
  • Up to five personalised email accounts, so you can look @super-professional.com.
  • Fully Responsive design, meaning your site will look great across all devices.
  • Integration of any social media accounts you may have.
  • A free, no obligation, home page draft before we get started.

If you feel your website could benefit from any additional extras, such as an online shop, search engine optimisation or matching business cards and more, you can choose from those available below.

Let's see the optional extras!

Choose Your Extras

Online Shop


Have you got something to sell? How exciting!  Selling online could be the next step to success for your business. Take our Shop add-on for just £75, and we'll build you an online shop with enough shelf space for up to 50 products.

*Please be aware that online stores have an additional ongoing cost, typically £12.50 per month. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information!

Extra Pages


Most businesses find five pages are plenty, however if you're struggling to wriggle into our standard size,  that's no problem, extra pages are just £12 each.

If you think you're going to need multiple, it's possible to arrange a discount. Feel free to discuss with us!



SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation can help potential customers find you.  With our £70 optimisation add-on, we help your site gain its best possible ranking on Google. This process covers:

  • Using insight tools to find out what your customers are searching for
  • "Tagging" your website appropriately
  • Ensuring your site is being crawled by Google as often as possible
  • Creating a Google Business listing. 

Social Media


Want a seamless look between your website and social media accounts? We can create quality content for various Social Media account elements, highlighting your products and services and creating a professional appearance in all your online outlets. For just £15, choose from up to four of the below:

  • Facebook Display Picture & Cover Photo
  • Facebook Post Image
  • Facebook Advert
  • Twitter Display Picture & Cover Photo
  • Twitter Post
  • Google+ Cover
  • LinkedIn Cover

Holding Page


Want to make sure your customers know they've found the right business, even while it's under construction? Take our holding page add on. While you fab new site is being built, your potential customers will see a branded "coming soon" page with contact details and enquiry form for them to contact you directly.

Business Cards


Make sure your customers know they've found the right company by ensuring a seamless transition between your business card to website. We design your business card to match your new website perfectly for just £30.



Create instant recognition between traditional media and your website with a leaflet that compliments and supports your website perfectly. High resolution A5 leafets can be designed for just £40

Promo Bundle


The solution to all your promotional media needs in one place! Ensure all your promotions compliment each other perfectly with the promo bundle. Saving over 20%, for just £65 this includes:

  • Social Media Content add-on
  • Business Card Design
  • A5 Leaflet Design

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