Handy Apps & Tools for Every Small Business

We’ve all got that one app that we don’t know how we lived without, don’t we?  Maybe it’s a really handy to-do list, or a sleep tracker to tell you when you’re most likely going to get a good kip, apps can really make lives easier.

The same logic applies when it comes to managing a small business and its website.  We’ve worked with a whole host of small to medium businesses throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland, and along the way we’ve discovered a bunch of time saving tricks. 

Some of these come from web design clients, while others cover from our own meandering experience.  Either way, have a look through the list, and see if there’s any you want to try out!

Time Management & Productivity

Pomodoro – A great trick for thoses days where you need to sit down at your desk and just get stuff done!  The pomodoro technique involves working solid for 25 mins, before taking a 5 min break.  After several rounds, you get a 30 min break.  You’ll be amazed how much more productive you become!

Google Tasks – If you use Gmail, you’ll love its hidden inbuilt list function.  Find the “tasks” icon at the right hand side of any Google product.  You can then add shortcuts to files, documents and emails to your task list – allowing you to get to the content you need as you need it.  Then tick it off when you’re done!

Monday.com – Monday seems to be a popular one with clients with small to medium sized teams.  Organise your tasks and create a central point of communication for your team. You can easily create tasks within a project and add steps to each task or group tasks.

Marketing & Promotion

Mail Chimp – Mail Chimp is a brilliant platform for affordable email marketing alongside your website.  They’ve multiple packages to suit all budgets.

HootSuite – Running multiple social media channels alongside your website?  HootSuite brings all these channels into one easy to use dashboard, allowing you to manage them in a simplified fashion and in one place.

SurveyMonkey – Looking to get some feedback from your customers?  Surveymonkey provides one of the easiest (and free!) survey builders for you to use.  You can also link to your survey directly from your website.

Admin & Performance Tracking

SERPMojo – Investing some time and money in SEO?  Use this simple app to track your positions within Google search results.

Google Search Console – Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues and make your site shine in Google Search results

Quickbooks – Don’t fear your tax return! Quickbooks makes managing your accounts really easy.

Affordable Web Design in Glasgow & Central Scotland

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