Why should you consider Video?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and one of the best first impressions you can make is with a quality video.   In recent years, there’s been a surge in interest for using video on websites. Below, we go through some of the facts and key benefits.

1.  Google considers video as significant to SEO
The true “recipe” behind the famous search engine algorithm is a closely guarded – and constantly evolving – secret.  However, we do know that video is a significant contributor, and a big thumbs up in the eyes of Google.

2.  Increase how long visitors stay
Video has shown to reduce bounce rate and keep visitors engaged and on page.  From how-to’s to testimonials – users are more often choosing to watch rather than read.

3.  Engage with Mobile Users
Over 90% of consumers watch videos on the go on their mobile.  Not only that, but they report feeling far more engaged with a brand after watching videos on their small screen devices, versus desktop or TV users. 

So you’re now more than aware that video can be great for your businesses website, but where to use it?  We work on web design projects for businesses throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland, and have successfully embedded videos that feature as:

  • Header or “Hero” videos – this is a video background right when the customer lands on a page.  When used correctly, it can be really impactful.
  • Product Description Videos – sometimes, photos just dont do a product justice.  Film a short clip instead, which can then be embedded in your website.
  • Video Testimonials – Not only do these videos gather the benefits detailed above, but they give an additional authenticity to your reviews and testimonials.

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