5 Reasons why a Website is a Tradesman’s Best Tool

Are you a tradesman working as a plumber, joiner, carpenter, electrician, or roofer? Then you likely are wondering how to attract more customers and get the word out about what you do and your services. Learn reasons why tradesmen need a website and how to get started building one.

1. Professional Look & Feel

One reason why tradesmen need a website is to ensure you’re making a strong and professional first impression. The majority of consumers these days want to work with a business or tradesman who has an online presence and where they have an opportunity to get their questions answered before hiring them.

2. 24/7 Availability

Another benefit of websites for tradesmen is that you can be available around the clock. Your website can exist and be there for potential customers who want to learn more about what you offer when it’s convenient for them.

3. Highlight Previous Work & Testimonials

Potential customers want to know what it’s like to work with you from past clients. Therefore, consider using your website to highlight and showcase testimonials and reviews. Also, have a portfolio to view and list previous work and projects so that customers know what to expect. Humans are visual creatures – seeing real life photots of previous work can give inspiration and confidence to win you the job!

4. It Takes More than Social Media Only

While social media is an effective way to market your business and your services, it takes more than social media alone to succeed and draw in customers.

In short, a website and social media presence can work together to generate business – but one can not replace the other. Social media provides a platform to interact with customers you already have, while your website works to connect you with new customers who don’t already know about you.

A website improves visibility – social media profiles typically do not perform well in search engine result pages such as Google. You can also include much more information on it than on your social media pages alone, and in a more coherent and organised manner.

5. People Will Google Your After Seeing Your Signage or Vehicle

It’s human nature to Google someone, something, or a business after seeing some information about it and wanting to learn more. With your website, you’re in complete control of the style, colouring and branding. This means your customer can make an instant connection between the vehicle or signage they saw, and your website – the last thing you want is for them to land on a competitor’s contact details and mistake it for you! Make sure you’re online by having a website up and running.

Next Steps

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